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Perlguys is a specialty data processing group. If your data is in one format and you need it in another format, we do that for you. If you are worried your data doesn’t conform to a standard, we investigate, analyze and report.

If you have a large content website, that had the life crushed out of it in a Panda Attack, we can bring its value back. We have four years of experience investigating and correcting the problems that destroyed your income. We recover the lost value in your website.

No matter what your data needs are, we can help you.

Data Conversion

Data Extraction

Data Investigation

Data Analysis

Data Conversion

Data Correction

Data Entry

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Who We Are

Stephen PerlGuys Account Manager

Stephen PerlGuys Account Guy

Stephen Gray, PerlGuys CEO and Account Manager. Works to help you find the solution to your data problems. Twenty five years of solving problems.

Alan Gray, Perl Guy

Alan PerlGuys DataGuy

Alan Gray, PerlGuys Data Guy. Data extractor, sourcer, investigator, analyzer, format changer. Panda Investigator. Twenty five years of data crunching experience.

Sally PerlGuys data entry gal

Sally PerlGuys Gal

Sally Gray, PerlGuys Data Entry Gal. Locates and corrects missing or bad data, to improve and enhance your datasets. Twenty five years of managing, entering, and securing data.

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What We Do

The PerlGuys source, investigate, analyze and manipulate data, large or small. If you have data that is a problem, we fix it.

Need to convert from one format into another? We do that.

Was your website destroyed because of google panda? We can discover why and either fix it or tell you how.

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Investigate, fix and manipulate data

Data investigation and manipulation

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